NOBEL – Intelek Arcade Console Meow:bit

Arcade Console Meow:bit, Nobel Official Learning Kit, is a card-sized graphical programming video game console designed for young learners. It contains 1.8″ full-color screen, 6x programmable button, 1x buzzer, build-in light sensor, temperature sensor, SD card slot, edge connector. Arcade is a game programming project under the MakeCode graphical programming platform, Microsoft supports it with a technical framework.

So create rather than play games. Cultivate computational thinking ability with systematic graphical programming. Let’s the fun begin!

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Arcade Console Meow:bit

  • ➤ This kit is Nobel Official Learning Kit
  • ➤ for Year 4 – 6 (2023)
  • ➤ Price: RM268.00
  • ➤ Duration: 2 years for Year 4 & 5 students
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