NOBEL – Intelek micro:bit Basic Kit

nobel - intelek microbit basic kit
IntelekEDU - RBT Kit Year 5

Intelek micro:bit Basic kit, Nobel Official Learning Kit, is a STEM educational kit designed to include everything you need to build your first micro:bit STEM project, featuring sound, light, and motion elements. It is perfect set of projects for primary school students to learn coding, microcontrollers, LEDs, sensors and motors.

Its small size and built-in sensors to make it quick to code and entertaining to use, but it’s really designed for education and is a springboard to bigger more complex platforms! The following year they will connect with the expansion where they will be more hardware sensor to explore and learn new things. 

IntelekEDU - Nobel 5
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micro:bit Basic Kit

  • ➤ This kit is Nobel Official Learning Kit
  • ➤ for Year 2 & 3 (2023)
  • ➤ Price: RM150.00
  • ➤ Duration: 2 years to be used with expansion kit (RM550) in the following year.
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